Tour de Singkarak 2009

Hohohoo … akhirnya kampuang ambo tapiliah menjadi icon pariwisata Sumatera Barat di tahun 2009. Mari kita sukseskan … 😀

Tour de Singkarak 2009

The Tour de Singkarak 2009 is the biggest bicycle race in Indonesia that will cover more than 459 kilometers through beautiful cities and lakes in West Sumatera. Running from Wednesday, April 29th to Sunday, May 3rd 2009 – the Tour de Singkarak 2009 will be made up of 4 stages:

1. Padang – Bukittingi (92.3 km).
2. Bukittinggi – Sawahlunto (85.1 km).
3. Sawahlunto – Lake Singkarak (90.2 km).
4. Lake Singkarak – Lake Kembar – Lake Singkarak (188 km).

Award a total prize money of US$ 60,000. The tour will surely attract cyclists from home and around the world. As part of final assessment of the tour route, there will be a final practice of route escort that will be attended by the Route Supervisory Team (The Marshall), consisting of 25 persons, 2 representatives of route escort, and a technical delegate from Union Cyclist International (UCI), Mr. Jamaludin Mahmood.

DR. Sapta Nirwandar, Director General for Marketing, Ministry of Culture & Tourism in a press conference at the Jakarta Sapta Pesona Building on Thursday, April 2nd said, “The Tour route is now 85% ready, and there will be route final assessment on April 3rd – 5th 2009, involving a technical team of the world cyclists organization, the Union Cyclist International (UCI)“.

The UCI has included the Tour de Singkarak 2009 in its annual calendar of events. The tour is expected to attract participation from 15 foreign nations around the world. The committee has so far listed confirmed participation from 14 foreign teams and 10 home ones.

The Tour de Singkarak objective is to provide a memorable sport tourism experience as the tour combines bicycle race and tourism, in order to inspire the imaginations of champions and excite enthusiasts throughout the event. The tour is a collaboration between West Sumatera Provincial Government, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Indonesian Cyclists Association (PBISSI), and businesses to encourage more tourists, from home and overseas, to come to West Sumatera and take pleasure in the scenic of its landmark attraction, Lake Singkarak.

To promote the Tour de Singkarak 2009, the committee plans to hold the Soul of Minangkabau, a music concert of a mixed group of musicians from Jakarta and West Sumatera and headed by Dwiki Darmawan. The committee will also hold other festivities, such as folk party, culinary festival, and mass bicycle riding activity, in which 5,000 participants will ride old bicycles. The ministry has asked cooperation from governments, businesses, individuals and groups of societies to make these pre-Tour promotional events a success. The ministry has also asked cooperation of Metro TV as media partner and Garuda Indonesia as airline partner.

The tourist visits to West Sumatera show a rising trend. The total number of tourists in 2008 was 1,400,000, including 100,000 foreign ones. For the year 2009, the Government of West Sumatera is targeting 1,500,000 tourists.


The meaning of symbols :
Separately, the logo consists of a large symbol of a house, lakes, and bike drivers. As a unit, a mix of symbols to describe the spirit sportive to be improved through bicycle racing event “Tour de Singkarak”.


The meaning of colors :
Logo consists of 6 elements of color, the gray, black, red, yellow, green, and blue. Each color has a meaning that can be described as follows :

• Color gray symbolizes strong. In this case, the Minang culture symbolized with the House still Gadang eternal and customs and its tradition still held firm by community.

• Color black, red, and yellow are colors that are closely related with the traditional Minang culture, such as in color of Songkets decorative Minang.

• Color green symbolizes the natural elegance in the vicinity of Lake Singkarak the fertile and prosperous.

• The blue color symbolizes Singkarak Lake with a beautiful environment, and cool.


The meaning of entire logo :

Overall, the symbols reflect the efforts to promote the sports branch of bicycle racing in the ground water at the same time promote the beauty of nature and culture of West Sumatra, Singkarak Lake and surrounding areas in particular, and the island of Sumatra, in general, to the people of Indonesia and the international world.

Haa … rute Tour de Singkarak ko melalui muko laman rumah ambo di kampuang, lah tagak pulo kadai di muko rumah – jua aqua, tisu, arum manis, rokok, balon, terompet, gulo-gulo, es bon-bon, limun, lamang tapai, karamuntiang 😀

Semoga di tahun-tahun ka mukonyo, ado lah tour-tour yang lain. Macam tour de Maninjau, tour de Harau, tour de Sianok, tour de Carocok, tour de Panti, tour de Ampek Angkek, dan tour de lain-lain, hohoo. Maju terus pariwisata alam Minangkabau, bia nak tau urang lua akan rancaknyo nagari kito – indah alamnyo, lamak makanannyo, elok laku urangnyo, kuaik agamo jo adatnyo …. 🙂

~ Rang Mudo Anak Singkarak


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