Minangkabau Angels

Sebuah lagu ciptaan Raymond Crooke, seniman, musisi, dan penyair yang memiliki ketertarikan di bidang “folk” atau seni dan musik tradisional / etnis. Dalam perjalanannya ke Sumatera Barat, dia sangat terkesan dengan pesona Ranah Minangkabau, terutama gadih-gadih Minang. Hal ini dia ungkapkan dalam lagu “Minangkabau Angels“.

Raymond Crooke

“This song is loosely based on my experiences in Sumatera, and is meant to be impressionistic rather than about actual events.

Minang culture is unusual in the Muslim world in being a matrilineal society, so the women tend to be very powerful. It seems to be a moderate form of Islam, where the emphasis is on resolving conflict through negotiation rather than confrontation.

There are obviously cultural inaccuracies in the song and, if I get too much criticism, I might do a rewrite. For example, I had a great time with Karo people (around Brastagi) and no doubt some of that has got mixed in with the very different Minangkabau experience. And, of course, some people I met in West Sumatra would have been immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.”

Lyrics :

Well I wandered from Medan to Brastagi
Where Wisma Sibayak was pleasant to see
Then Bukit Lawang, Samosir, and the town of Prapat
But the land I loved most was Sumatera Barat

There was Elsa Susanti and Sri Julianti
Serena, Mina, and Sulyawati
My Minangkabau angels were so good to me
In my dreams, I’ll come see you in Bukittinggi

You showed me the rice kept in the little “rangkiang
And the buffalo horn roof of the Rumah Gadang
You showed me Singgalang and Mount Merapi
And the pleasures of wandering Bukittinggi

There was Ratna and Yana, Rose and Irana
Ria, Nia, and Kartiningjati
My Minangkabau angels were so good to me
In my dreams, I’ll come see you in Bukittinggi

We stopped at a warung for “Nasi Padang” —
Crispy belut, sayur, and rendang
We ate with our fingers, the traditional way —
If you do, the food tastes even better“, they said

With voices like angels, you’ve danced and you’ve sung
And you taught me to sing “Takana Jo Kampuang
My Minangkabau angels were so good to me
In my dreams, I’ll come see you in Bukittinggi

We wandered the pathways of Minangkabau land
And through the big canyon, we walked hand in hand
We carried our shoes, wading over the streams
Oh Minangkabau angels, I’ll see you again in my dreams

Oh Minangkabau angels … I’ll see you again in my dreams

Komentar :

Dari nama-nama wanita yang disebutkan dalam lagu tersebut, tidak ada nama wanita yang berciri nama Minangkabau, seperti Rubiah, Raisah, Siti, Jusmaini, Yulimar, Mariyani, dan sejenisnya. Dan tak jelas pulak apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Pak Tua ini bersama wanita-wanita yang namanya disebutkan dalam lagu itu, yang disebutnya sebagai “Minangkabau Angels” atau “Malaikat-Malaikat dari Ranah Minang”.



2 Responses

  1. Angels, bukan hanya malaikat terjemahannya, tapi bisa juga bidadari. Untuk konteks lagu si bule tu, labiah tapek terjemahannya Bidadari-Bidadari Minangkabau……

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